lynne1About Lynne

Lynne (Jones) Simons’ integrity, passion for justice and community commitment drive her desire to serve as District Court Judge, Department 6.

Locally grown as Lynne Jones, as a youngster, she watched her grandfather, Justice of the Peace Max Jones, in court. Her judicial aspirations were activated and have not diminished.

Lynne attended Washoe County schools and graduated from Reno High School. She continued her education at Stanford University (B.A. Sociology/ Organizational Behavior, 1983) and Pepperdine University School of Law (J.D. 1986).

Lynne’s thirty year connection with the Washoe County District Court (“the Court”) began in law school when she was a summer law clerk for Woodburn and Wedge. She researched in the county law library and attended numerous hearings and trials before a variety of judges.

With Nevada in her heart and mind, Lynne graduated from law school, passed the Nevada and California bars exams, and came to the Court as a judicial law clerk. As the law clerk/bailiff for Department 9, she assisted the judge on and observed all proceedings handled by the Court including criminal and civil hearings, jury and bench trials, discovery disputes, evidentiary motions, arraignments, sentencings, probation revocations, post-conviction relief, jury instructions, municipal court appeals, probates and other proceedings. She reviewed and prepared draft orders and decisions on all submitted matters, including pre-trial motions and trial decisions.

After her clerkship, Lynne began working as an attorney with Woodburn and Wedge. She was mentored in an array of practice areas by extraordinary attorneys and settled on complex civil and probate and trust litigation.

During her initial 17 years at Woodburn and Wedge, Lynne handled, as first or second chair, every aspect of trial and appellate work in Nevada and California state and federal courts.IMG_1645

In 2004, Lynne was appointed to the Court as Probate Court Master by Chief Judge Hardesty. She presided over uncontested and contested probate and trust matters and settlement conferences, reviewed court files, and prepared recommendations for orders on contested cases and other petitions and motions, including summary judgment. As a department with a relentless calendar, statistics reflect Lynne heard 2000+ contested/uncontested matters and conducted 75+ settlement conferences. Her performance received high marks from the Washoe County Bar. This invaluable experience cemented the judicial fortitude and fundamental fairness she possesses.

Lynne’s Court connection continued when two of her four children were in the NICU for 2 ½ months. Babies in the NICU are connected to all individuals that come before the district court — at-risk, young, old, medically-trained, drug-addicted, intelligent, business-minded, married, single, publically-assisted, wealthy, convicted, low functioning, socially connected and many others. Lynne engaged with all of these individuals. Her commitment to serve expanded geometrically.

In solo practice, Lynne connected with the Court as a special master (constructional defect and guardianship), mediator, expert witness, consultant and pro bono attorney. As a special master to the Court, she conducts special master hearings, monitors case status, drafts reports and recommendations for orders including interim scheduling, discovery, accounting compliance, and handles other court referred disputes.

Lynne’s longtime connection with the Court continues with her return to Woodburn and Wedge. Her practice currently includes serving as a special master for the Court, mediator, consultant, and counsel in probate and trust proceedings and probate, trust and civil litigation matters.

Her parents, Max Jones and Honor Settelmeyer Jones, instilled in Lynne the values of volunteerism and community commitment. She gives through consistent advocacy, donations and volunteer work hours. Lynne served on the Food Bank of Northern Nevada, Step 2, the Nevada Women’s Fund, and the Brookfield School PTA boards amongst others. With each term, she gains a valuable community service education. For instance, in securing a treatment facility for Step 2, she observed first-hand the effect the drug crime epidemic has on our criminal justice system.

8807_0228_no_sigLynne is married to Mark Simons, an attorney at Robison, Belaustegui, Sharp & Low and has four children, Katrina, Elissa, Maximus and Nicholas.

Lynne has had a remarkable legal career, handling thousands of challenging cases as an attorney, mediator and court master. She is well-rounded, family-oriented, reflective and compassionate, balanced by a strong moral compass. She offers integrity, fairness, intelligence, a diverse background, a “roll up your sleeves” work ethic and resounding common sense, together with a history of dedicated connection to the Court. Simply put, Lynne Simons is committed and connected to Washoe County and its judicial system.