• A Sample Of Other Cases In My Career

    I started my career at Woodburn and Wedge as a civil litigator. I was fortunate to participate in evidentiary hearings, bench and jury trials in Nevada and California. The following are a sample of cases:

    Case No. CV88-175, Judith A. Neyses v. Robert and Susan Heyer, Second Judicial

    Case No. __, Arthur Mae Randle v. Hilton, Eighth Judicial

    Case No. CV 88-689, Deloris Payne, Sonnja Kielblock, and Evangeline Pate v. Harrah’s, Second Judicial

    Case No. 16993, Nancy Cortez, William Cortez v. State of California, County of Lassen, Lassen County Superior Court

    Case No. CV-N-90-266-HDM, Robins Engineers and Constructors, Inc. adv. Hycroft Resources & Development, Inc., United States District Court for the District of Nevada (settled during jury trial)

    Case No. PR00-00013, In the Matter of the Harry and Violet Callahan Family Trust, dated March 12, 1990, et al.

    I handled several appeals before the Nevada Supreme Court and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals (federal). When I found a niche in probate and trust litigation, I handled numerous evidentiary hearings in Nevada and California courts.


  • W. Chris Wicker – Woodburn and Wedge

    “I worked with Lynne Simons for years while she was at Woodburn and Wedge. We litigated cases from relatively small matters to actions that involved tens of millions of dollars. Lynne proved to be a skilled litigator, excellent in court, in both bench and jury trials, and excellent in her legal writing. I personally know that Lynne’s entire professional career has prepared her to be the kind of trial court judge that litigants want: smart, fair and decisive.”

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